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Online Learning Management System


Are you looking for an easy and effective web-based LMS without the hassle that comes with big clunky systems? We have the solution for you! Create online e-learning courses that are fun and effective with our simple online learning management system. You will have your first users learning online in no time!

Do you want to train your team, customers, or students quickly? Do you need to hand out certificates to your participants and want a powerful way to automate the process? Then start using ATHENA and have your team start learning in no time. Take a look at all our features and solutions.


Use our course builder to create engaging online e-learning courses. Combine all the content elements you need: text, video, images and practice questions to build rich and engaging courses.


Want to assess your students? Our LMS comes with a rich assessment tool. Create a single axis or multiple axis assessments and get to know your students.


Make your students feel at home, white-label our LMS, embed it on your site and don’t tell anybody you’re using our software. Create a custom styling to reflect your brand. Keep all the praise to yourself.

We identify your requirements and design an ideal relationship structure to fit your needs.

Regardless of the training solution, you’re looking for, with ATHENA you’ll have your users learning in no time. Just create an account and start building your courses. No install time, no lead time, just a free trial of any of our plans.


Give your students the best distraction-free e-learning experience with our LMS.


With our advanced user management, you can know your users by asking for extra information.

Upload your users to our cloud-based LMS and send them an invite, completely automated.
Let your users sign-up for your courses themselves. No assigning required.
Our LMS is available on any platform: desktop, tablet or mobile. Your students can learn everywhere with our mobile learning management system.