What can Athena do for you?

More and more organizations are starting to use this type of software to hire and onboard new employees, and for ongoing personnel training. But, can an LMS be used for higher education as well? Higher education students are busier and more connected than ever before. Not all students these days have the time or means to enrol in fulltime university. Post-grad students usually have a day job and don’t have a lot of time to commute to and from university. More and more people are in the search for flexible learning, that allows them to learn “on the go” and that is adapted to their unique schedule and routine. Using an LMS for sharing learning content with students is a great way to give them some autonomy to learn on their own, at the best time for them, whilst at the same time saving a lot of time for the teachers and professors. Extended enterprise training is any training provided to the people outside the organization, but who are affected by its activities. By adopting extended enterprise learning and development to train your partners on the “ins and outs” of your organization, you can capitalize on all your company’s relationships and in the process, benefit all the parties involved.

How does that work in real life? Product education is a good example. Companies that provide medical supplies and equipment may want to train not only their staff but also their clients on how to use the devices. This practice increases customer satisfaction, reduces the number of returned/refunded products and customer support queries. It’s a win-win for both the organization and the client. Why take your extended enterprise training online? There are many reasons for this. The main reason, however, is that it pays off. It is the easiest, most cost-effective and practical way to set up training. There’s no need to send people in to train your clients, they can do that by themselves by following the online training sessions. You can also assess their knowledge with online tests that are graded automatically. Instead of spending time and money training your stakeholders, focus on product development and the improvement of your training materials.

Your students can complete your courses when it`s right for them within your timeline. This gets you higher completion rates. Learn when the time is right, not when it`s mandatory. With our reporting, you can track progress and show your manager how many students succeeded in your training and what your completion & passing rate is of your compliance training. Don`t buy books or other expensive training material. Just send them an invite to your online course and let them engage with your training material and start learning right away. The time of your colleagues is valuable. So don`t have them travel to a classroom to sit and listen all day. Have them learn online. It`s cheaper and more effective!

Our LMS is available on any platform: desktop, tablet or mobile. Your students can learn everywhere with our mobile learning management system. Don`t worry about designing the courses yourself. Our designers did an excellent job to create a distraction-free and beautiful learning experience. Focus on the course content and learn the most. Track the progress of your students through your courses. Take a look at the results and see where they need a hand or some extra learning material. Have a look at the stats of your exams. Learn where you can improve your learning material. Employee & Staff Training Customer Education Certification & Accreditation training learning management system.

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What are the benefits to having an online solution?

There is always a bright and dark side to everything. So, the internet also has its dark side for students. But it depends on the students what they will choose. Especially for people planning to appear for competitive exams, online materials can be of great help. Today, the biggest gift of online for students appearing for ‘competitive exams’ is to practice with best online exam software. The online exam platform has advantages for both students and institutes taking the assistance of such software.

Benefits of Students:

  1. The students get the experience of exams patterns as they support almost every exam questionnaire types.
  2. Appearing for the exams is easy, as you can easily register and answer the questions.
  3. Submitting the answer sheet is only a few right clicks of your mouse or touch screen.
  4. Students can also appear for exams from multiple devices. As the software or online exams is web-based and can be accessed easily.
  5. Online exams also give students an instant result of their performance in the test.
  6. Online exams further give micro – analysis of your test performances, compare your performances to your team, and also give you a reality check of your progress.
  7. Students also get easy access to different types of question like ‘objective, image-based, video-based, fill the gaps, etc.’ So, students can be well prepared for any exam type. Benefits for Institutes: Institutes can always conduct exams in a different mode.

The traditional method of taking exams always makes room for error and time consumption.

  1. Online exams are easy solutions and don’t take time to conduct like traditional exams.
  2. Online exams are easy to conduct, as they also don’t need space or examiners to invigilate the exam.
  3. Online exams are also less expensive, as you don’t have to follow a rigorous process.
  4. The exams conducted online are also helpful in saving time, as the questionnaire is easily set, instantly access by the students, and answers are instantly checked.
  5. So, the results for exams are displayed immediately.
  6. The students also get to know their performances, detailed report, their subject or section based scoring, and compares it to their batch mates.
  7. Online exams also help coaching institutes, colleges, universities, and competitive exams preparations in many ways. First and foremost it helps in conducting smooth, fast, error-free, and confidential exam. Thus, you can hire the best exam software for online conducting exams from ‘Tutorial’. The name is testified by many prestigious organizations for conducting exams, taking tests, and assessing results with accuracy.
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